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We are pleased to bring you this great selection of English Bulldog posters, photos, and fine art prints. Please enjoy browsing these cool posters of dogs.

Bulldog Puppy in Miniature Bathtub

Bulldog Puppy in Miniature Bathtub
Larry Williams
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Face of a Bulldog

Face of a Bulldog
Henry Horenstein
Photographic Print
18 x 24 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Dog Flying in Aircraft

Dog Flying in Aircraft
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Bulldog Preparing to Sing into Microphone

Bulldog Preparing to Sing into Microphone
Larry Williams
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Bulldog Wearing Tutu

Bulldog Wearing Tutu
Peter M. Fisher
Photographic Print
18 x 24 in
Your Price: $32.99
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English Bulldog Feeling Sick

English Bulldog Feeling Sick
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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English Bulldog 2

English Bulldog 2
Ken Bailey
Art Print
18 x 24 in
Your Price: $29.99
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Bulldog Puppy

Bulldog Puppy
Peter M. Fisher
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Poster for the 1902 Chicago Kennel Club Dog Show

Poster for the 1902 Chicago Kennel Club Dog Show
Giclee Print
16 x 24 in
Your Price: $54.99
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English Bulldog

English Bulldog
Pop Ink - CSA Images
Art Print
16 x 12 in
Your Price: $26.99
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Bulldog Bathing In Washtub

Bulldog Bathing In Washtub
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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The Bulldog Spirit

The Bulldog Spirit
Giclee Print
16 x 24 in
Your Price: $54.99
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Bulldog Puppy

Bulldog Puppy
Peter M. Fisher
Photographic Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $32.99
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Bulldog face

Bulldog face
Michael Kloth
Photographic Print
16 x 16 in
Your Price: $29.99
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English Bulldog Puppies Playing

English Bulldog Puppies Playing
Premium Poster
24 x 16 in
Your Price: $29.99
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Bulldog Doctor

Bulldog Doctor
Willee Cole
Premium Poster
16 x 24 in
Your Price: $29.99
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Hand-Colored Postcard of a Bulldog Dressed in a Bonnet

Hand-Colored Postcard of a Bulldog Dressed in a Bonnet
Giclee Print
18 x 24 in
Your Price: $49.99
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English Bulldog

English Bulldog
Wendy Presseisen
Art Print
24 x 18 in
Your Price: $29.99
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 The Bulldog, colloquially known as the British Bulldog or English Bulldog, is a medium-size breed of dog that originated in England.

Bulldog Articles

A Beginner's Guide To Searching For English Bulldog Breeders
By Bobby Callahan
Of the hundreds of different breeds of dog that are available to choose from, one of the most widely loved is the Bulldog. The English Bulldog in particular is one of the most favored breeds of dog, and for good reason. After all, they are very loyal, affectionate, and even tempered dogs, and so they are suitable for all people, even those with larger sized families. If you are interested in getting an English Bulldog yourself, then you are going to have to find yourself some reputable English Bulldog breeders.

About Bulldog Puppies
By Bobby Callahan
The Bulldog is a breed known by everyone. In fact for at least a hundred years the breed has been a favorite among people. Originally the British used the Bulldog as a fighting dog to help protect their livestock. The breed became a favorite when bullfighting was popular because of their strong bite. The breed's solid and muscular appearance comes from their characteristically large head and strong, square build. They have a strong and undershot jaw that helps them to get their strong bite and a short and square muzzle which gives them their strong appearance.

English Bulldog History and Breeder Information
By Lane Jordan
The AKC standard for the English Bulldog is medium size, around 40-50 pounds. English Bulldog’s have a smooth coat, a large short-face head, low swung body with wide shoulders. Today, Bulldogs are bred as a friendly dog that interacts well with both humans and other dogs. English Bulldog puppies and adult dogs can be cheerful, playful, frisky, suborn and protective. Bulldogs are know for their unique personalities.

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale - Some Tips
By Bobby Callahan

The English Bulldog has many of the normal traits found in molosser breeds though it also has some characteristics that are specific to it and which help in distinguishing the Bulldog from other dog breeds. Typically, Bulldog puppies will show a sweet temper and are ideal family pet dogs as well as excellent show dogs The Bulldog gets its name from the fact that they were originally meant to guard bait bulls. Though the Bulldog is a descendant of the Mastiff-type dog also known as Bandog, Mollusus and Alaunt, Bulldog puppies will be gentler as well as more placid than their forefathers who were basically fighting dog.

English Bulldogs - The Basics
By Hans Lynch
Present day English Bulldogs are very different from their ancestors. They have descended from the ancient Asiatic Mastiff but their evolution took place entirely in Great Britain. The name "Bulldog" has medieval origin and it not only refers to the look of a little bull, which English Bulldogs have, but also because of the power that these dogs had when they would attack bulls in arena combat.

How To Properly Care For Your English Bulldog Puppy
By Donovan Green
There are several types of dog breeds to choose from, not to
mention the large number of mixed species there are. If you
are searching for a dog breed that will make a great
companion an English bull dog puppy would be a great choice.
If you do choose an English bull dog puppy you will find
that this is a wonderful family pet and this breed of dog
gets along well with everyone.

English Bulldog Training - 4 Things You Have to Know About English Bulldog Training
By Mikee Dunn
One of the many things I’ve learned throughout my life as a dog trainer and breeder is the intelligence that the English bulldog posses. These are extremely intelligent creatures and are very quick to learn and extra eager to please their owners. It should be said however, that it does take special techniques and the proper knowledge of English bulldog training to get it just right. While there is no possible way to cram everything you need to know about training you’re English bulldog into one small article, here are some basic guidelines to follow by:

All About English Bulldogs
By Daniel Millions
The bulldog was first given it's name in 1567 by England residents. The English Bulldog was originally breed and used for bull baiting.

Bull baiting was a form of entertainment in England. The English Bulldog would bite a ring that was hooked to a bull's nose and try to suffocate the bull. Bull baiting was deemed a barbaric sport and was banned in 1835. The English Bulldog was then breed to be a family pet and a show dog.

 Need To Know Bull Dog English Health Problem
By Judy Wellsworth
The English bulldog is a small dog with broad shoulders and a stocky built. Their little legs are strong and muscular while short. The smooth coat needs brushing and kept clean as the bull dog English health problem results from an unkempt dog. These little creatures are lovable yet look like they could attack at any time. They are vicious looking little dogs, but unlike theirs looks, they are a gentle dog.

Olde English Bulldog Puppy for Sale - What to Beware of Before You Buy
By Mikee Dunn
As a retired professional dog trainer and breeder, I have a tendency to notice what’s going on in the dog world in much more detail then the average dog owner or future dog owner. So when I see ads in the newspaper or online that read “Olde English Bulldog Puppy for Sale” I think to myself…”this is great, but how many of these owners are actually prepared for the task ahead?”

Intriguing Fact About The English Bull Dog Health Problem Prevention
By Julie Wellsworth
If you want a medium sized dog with a smooth coat, the English bulldog will fill your desires. The heavy little body low to the ground has strong and muscular legs with wide shoulders. The personality is gentle while being fearless. The English Bull dog health problem mostly arises from improper food and diet. These dogs do not need a lot of exercise, so over feeding will cause health problems. With proper health care and grooming, the English bulldog can live to twelve years old, although eight to ten years is normal.


Bulldog appearance

Build: Heavy musculature, thick-set neck and shoulders, low-slung body
Weight: 53-55 pounds (24-25kg.) within United Kingdom
Height: 11-14 inches
Coat: Short, smooth
Color: Red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow or washed-out red, or white, or any combination of these colors
Head: Thick, massive, short-faced, broad, with cheeks extending to sides of the eyes, skin on the skull and forehead falling in dense folds, muzzle short and pug, nose broad and black with large nostrils, upper lip pendent and lower jaw very undershot
Teeth: Large, strong
Eyes: Very round, far apart and very dark
Ears: Small and thin, folded back in the form of a rose
Tail: Short and carries low
Limbs: Stocky, set squarely
Feet: Moderate, compact, firmly set
Life span: Median 12 years

Its shape results in a peculiarly unusual gait, often called a "rolling gait". Bulldogs are known for their short muzzles and the saggy skin on their faces, creating the apparent "frown" that has become a trademark of the breed. Bulldogs come in a variety of colours and ideally have a smooth, short coat. The only disqualifier for the breed in the show ring is a liver colored nose, however a black-coated Bulldog is also not preferred. In the US, the size of a typical mature male is about 50 pounds; that for mature females is about 40 pounds. In the United Kingdom, the breed standard is 55 pounds for a male and 50 pounds for a female.

Temperament and characteristics

The temperament of the Bulldog is generally docile, friendly and gregarious but are known to be fiercely loyal and occasionally willful. Breeders have worked to breed aggression out of the breed, and as such the dog is known to be of generally good temperament. Bulldogs can be so attached to home and family that they will not venture out of the yard without a human companion. Due to their friendly nature bulldogs are known for getting along well with children, other breeds of dog and any house-broken pet in general.

A bulldog is suitable for houses as well as apartments due to their size and comparative lack of energy, but puppies may be destructive until they reach maturity. They are easily trainable as compared with many other breeds.


The bulldog is prone to health issues. Breathing issues can be prevalent in the breed due to the shape of the "undershot" lower jaw and the shortness of muzzle- originally bred for gripping - bulldogs are known to snore. In the United Kingdom, some dogs can be prone to interstitial cysts, that is cysts which form between the toes. These cause the dog some discomfort, though they are treatable either by vet or an experienced owner. Other problems can include cherry eye, certain allergies, and amongst older bulldogs hip issues.

Because of the large heads in proportion to body size, puppies are frequently delivered by Caesarean section as they can get stuck in the birth canal during natural birth, however it is not uncommon for a bulldog to whelp naturally and successfully.

Bulldogs require daily cleaning of their face folds to avoid unwanted infections caused by moisture accumulation. Daily teeth brushing with a regular human soft toothbrush using a vet approved toothpaste is also recommended.

Like all dogs, Bulldogs require daily exercise. If not properly exercised the bulldog could gain weight, which could cause health problems relating to the lungs and heart. Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to heat and cold and great care should be given to the dog during overly warm periods. During these times, the owner should ensure that the dog has plenty of shade, water and should be ideally kept out of standing heat.

As the breed has developed, the tail in some dogs can be tight to the body and can cause infection if not treated or cleaned underneath regularly.


The term "bulldog" was first used around 1568[1] and might have been applied to various ancestors of modern bulldog breeds. Bulldogs were bred in England as a cross between the mastiff and the pug.

In the 1600s, bulldogs were used for bullbaiting (as well as bearbaiting), a Gambling sport popular in the 17th century with wagers laid in which trained bulldogs leapt at a bull lashed to a post, latched onto its snout and attempted to suffocate it.[2] Bulldogs have many distinct characteristics that were bred into them so they would be better suited to bullbaiting. The bulldog's body is short, low to the ground and compact, allowing it to be able to scuttle or crawl low under the bulls horns over to the bull. The lower jaw sticks out further than the top one allowing the bulldog to grip on the nose of the animal and still be able to breathe due to the lay-back of the nose. The wrinkles on the bulldogs face allow the blood from the other animal to run down the bulldogs face instead of going into its eyes.

The oldest single breed specialty club is The Bulldog Club (England), which was formed in 1875. Members of this club met frequently at the Blue Post pub on Oxford Street in London. There they wrote the first standard of perfection for the breed. In 1891 the two top bulldogs, Orry and Dockleaf, competed in a contest to see which dog could walk the farthest. Orry was reminiscent of the original bulldogs — lighter boned and very athletic. Dockleaf was smaller and heavier set — more like modern bulldogs. Dockleaf was declared the winner that year. Although some argued that the older version of the bulldog was more fit to perform, the modern version’s looks won over the fans of the breed because they proved they were equally as fit and athletic in the walking competition.

Recently, many people have tried to recreate a breed more akin to the original bullbaiter. Examples of the trend are the Olde English Bulldogge, Renascence Bulldogge, Victorian, Continental and Dorset Old Tyme Bulldog. The American Kennel Club does not recognize any of these newly "recreated" breeds of dogs.

Popular mascot

Because of its tenacity, the bulldog is a symbol of the United Kingdom and is a popular mascot of dozens of American universities, as well as numerous high schools throughout the United States of America.

It is commonly accepted that Handsome Dan, the Bulldog mascot for Yale University, is the oldest-running traditional live mascot in the United States, since some incarnation of Handsome Dan has served at Yale for more than a century.

A bulldog named Chesty is the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps.

List of Bulldog mascots

Because of its tenacity, the Bulldog is a symbol of the United Kingdom and is a popular mascot for professional sports teams, universities, secondary schools, military institutions, and other organizations, including:

Sports teams

* Bulldogs Rugby League Football Club (formerly, Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs), National Rugby League (Australia)
* Alberni Valley Bulldogs, British Columbia Hockey League (Canada)
* Antigonish Bulldogs, Maritime Junior A Hockey League (Canada)
* Batley Bulldogs, Rugby League National Leagues (Great Britain)
* Border Bulldogs, a South African rugby union team
* Boston Bulldogs, American Football League 1926 (United States)
* Boston Bulldogs, National Football League 1929 (United States)
* Boston Bulldogs, A-League and USL Pro Soccer League 1999–2001 (United States)
* Canton Bulldogs, National Football League 1920s (United States)
* Capalaba Bulldogs, Brisbane Premier League Division 1 (football (soccer)) (Australia)
* Central District Bulldogs, South Australian National Football League
* Cleveland Bulldogs, National Football League 1920s (United States)
* Corning Bulldogs, American Basketball Association (United States)
* Dayton Bulldogs, National Indoor Football League (United States)
* Denver Bulldogs, United States Australian Football League
* Flint Bulldogs, Colonial Hockey League 1991–93 (United States)
* Great Britain national Australian rules football team
* Halton Hills Bulldogs, OLA Junior B Lacrosse League (Canada)
* Hamilton Bulldogs, American Hockey League (North America)
* HC Kladno, Czech Extraliga (ice hockey) (Czech Republic)
* Kincardine Bulldogs, Western Junior C Hockey League (Canada)
* Odense Bulldogs, Oddset Ligaen (ice hockey) (Denmark)
* Quebec Bulldogs, one-time Canadian professional ice hockey team
* South Fremantle Football Club, West Australian Football League
* Tri-City Bulldogs, Canadian Junior Football League 1994–2004
* Western Bulldogs, Australian Football League


United States

* Adrian College
* Alabama A&M University
* Bryant University
* Butler University
* California State University, Fresno (Fresno State)
* The Citadel
* College of San Mateo
* Concordia University, Nebraska
* Drake University (Mascot name: Spike)
* Ferris State University
* Gardner-Webb University (Runnin' Bulldogs)
* Georgetown University (Team name: Hoyas, Mascot name: Jack the Bulldog)
* University of Georgia (Mascot name: Uga)
* Gonzaga University (Mascot name: Spike)
* James Madison University (Mascot name: the Duke Dog)
* Kettering University
* Louisiana Tech University (Mascot name: Champ)
* University of Minnesota Duluth
* Mississippi State University (Mascot name: Bully)
* North Carolina A&T State University (Team name: Aggies)
* University of North Carolina at Asheville
* Samford University
* South Carolina State University
* University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez (Mascot name: Tarzan)
* University of Redlands
* Texas Lutheran University
* Truman State University
* Western Illinois University (Team name: Leathernecks)
* Wilberforce University
* Wingate University
* Yale University (Mascot name: Handsome Dan)

Other countries

* Churchill College, Cambridge (England)
* National University (Philippines)

Secondary schools

(In the United States, unless otherwise noted)

* Albuquerque High School (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
* Altus High School (Altus, Oklahoma)
* Andalusia High School (Andalusia, Alabama)
* Antigo Middle School (Antigo, Wisconsin) (Mascot Name: AMS)
* Austin High School (Sugar Land, Texas)
* Ruben S. Ayala High School (Chino Hills, California)
* Bancroft School (Worcester, Massachusetts)
* Bandera High School (Bandera, Texas)
* Baton Rouge Magnet High School (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
* Batavia High School (Batavia, Illinois)
* Bedford High School (Bedford, Iowa)
* Bellerose Composite High School (St. Albert, Alberta) (Canada)
* Bettendorf High School (Bettendorf, Iowa)
* Benjamin Bosse High School (Evansville, Indiana)
* Bowie High School (Bowie, Maryland)
* Bowie High School (Austin, Texas)
* Boyceville High School (Boyceville, Wisconsin)
* Brownsburg High School (Brownsburg, Indiana)
* Brunswick High School (Lawrenceville, Virginia)
* Burkburnett High School (Burkburnett, Texas)
* Barbara Bush Middle School (San Antonio, Texas)
* David W. Butler High School (Charlotte, North Carolina)
* Byron Center High School (Byron Center, Michigan)
* Camden High School (Camden, South Carolina)
* Canton McKinley High School (Canton, Ohio)
* Carthage High School (Carthage, Texas)
* Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School (Miami, Florida)
* Cecilia High School (St. Martin Parish, Louisiana)
* Cedartown High School (Cedartown, Georgia)
* Celina High School (Celina, Ohio)
* Centennial High School (Las Vegas, Nevada)
* Centerville Senior High School (Centerville, Indiana)
* Central High School (Springfield, Missouri)
* Winston Churchill High School (Potomac, Maryland)
* Clarke County High School (Grove Hill, Alabama)
* Columbus Grove High School (Columbus Grove, Ohio)
* Copperas Cove High School (Copperas Cove, Texas)
* Defiance High School (Defiance, Ohio)
* Douglass High School (Douglass, Kansas)
* Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (Lexington, Kentucky)
* Dwight-Englewood School (Englewood, New Jersey)
* Edmond Memorial High School (Edmond, Oklahoma)
* Elida High School (Elida, Ohio)
* Ellensburg High School (Ellensburg, Washington)
* Fairfax High School (Fairfax, Missouri)
* Fayetteville High School (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
* Flagler Palm Coast High School (Bunnell, Florida)
* Folsom High School (Folsom, California)
* Fort Zumwalt South High School (St. Peters, Missouri)
* Garfield High School (East Los Angeles, California)
* Garfield High School (Seattle, Washington)
* Barry Goldwater High School (Phoenix, Arizona)
* Grandview High School (Grandview, Missouri)
* Grandville High School (Grandville, Michigan)
* Green High School (Green, Ohio)
* Hamburg High School (Hamburg, New York)
* Hancock Central High School (Sparta, Georgia)
* Hancock Central High School (Hancock, Michigan)
* George W. Hewlett High School (Hewlett, New York)
* Hitchcock High School (Hitchcock, Texas)
* Hopewell Valley Central High School (Pennington, New Jersey)
* C. D. Hylton High School (Woodbridge, Virginia)
* Independence Senior High School (Independence, Kansas)
* Irvington High School (Irvington, New York)
* Island Trees High School (Levittown, New York)
* Jasper High School (Jasper, Texas)
* Jersey Shore High School (Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania)
* Kearney High School (Kearney, Missouri)
* Le Jardin Academy (Honolulu, Hawaii)
* Long Island City High School (Queens, New York)
* Luray High School (Luray, Virginia)
* Marlboro County High School (Bennettsville, South Carolina)
* Martinsburg High School (Martinsburg, West Virginia)
* Meadville Area Senior High School (Meadville, Pennsylvania)
* Melbourne High School (Melbourne, Florida)
* Midland Senior High School (Midland, Texas)
* Moffat County High School (Craig, Colorado)
* Montachussett Regional Vocational Technical High School (Fitchburg, Massachusetts)
* Natchez High School (Natchez, Mississippi)
* New Albany High School (New Albany, Indiana)
* Newberry High School (Newberry, South Carolina)
* Norfolk Academy (Norfolk, Virginia)
* North Bend High School (North Bend, Oregon)
* North Gwinnett High School (Suwanee, Georgia)
* North Platte High School (North Platte, Nebraska)
* North Shore Technical High School (Middleton, Massachusetts)
* Northern Lehigh High School (Slatington, Pennsylvania)
* Okanogan High School (Okanogan, Washington)
* Olmsted Falls High School (Olmsted Falls, Ohio)
* Omaha Burke High School (Omaha, Nebraska)
* Ottumwa High School (Ottumwa, Iowa)
* Pasadena High School (Pasadena, California)
* Pasco High School (Pasco, Washington)
* Peshtigo High School(Peshtigo, Wisconsin)
* Plainview High School (Plainview, Texas)
* Portland High School (Portland, Maine)
* Queen Creek High School (Queen Creek, Arizona)
* Ravenna High School (Ravenna, Michigan)
* Riverside Brookfield High School (Riverside, Illinois)
* Jay M. Robinson High School (Concord, North Carolina)
* Rutherford High School (Rutherford, New Jersey)
* Safford High School (Safford, Arizona)
* Saint Cloud High School (St. Cloud, Florida)
* Sobrato High School (Morgan Hill, California)
* South Fork High School (Stuart, Florida)
* South Glens Falls Senior High School (South Glens Falls, New York)
* Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (Raleigh, North Carolina)
* Southern High School (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
* Stone Bridge High School (Ashburn, Virginia)
* Summerfield High School (Petersburg, Michigan)
* Charles Sumner High School (St. Louis, Missouri)
* Suwannee High School (Live Oak, Florida)
* Tahoka High School (Tahoka, Texas)
* Tazewell High School (Tazewell, Virginia)
* Thomasville High School (Thomasville, Georgia)
* Trenton High School (Trenton, Missouri)
* Turlock High School (Turlock, California)
* Vancleave High School (Vancleave, Mississippi)
* Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School (San Francisco, California)
* Washington Middle School (Olympia, Washington)
* Waterloo High School (Waterloo, Illinois)
* West Covina High School (West Covina, California)
* West York High School (York, Pennsylvania)
* Westerly High School (Westerly, Rhode Island)
* Westfield High School (Chantilly, Virginia)
* Walter M. Williams High School (Burlington, North Carolina)
* George Wythe High School (Richmond, Virginia)

Other organizations

* United States Marine Corps
* U.S. 3rd Infantry Division
* New York City Fire Department, Rescue 2 (Brooklyn)
* The British Bulldogs, WWF wrestling team
* Mack Trucks
* The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
* Victory Records

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